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Water sports in India is gaining great popularity now these days. Some of the most popular water sports are rafting, boating, kayaking, swimming, water polo, canoeing, aquajogging, diving & swimming. Travel trend of India have taken a new shape from past one decade. People want to explore more, indulge themselves in adventures activities & wish travel out of their comfort zone. River rafting is one of the most preferable choices of the people while choosing adventure sports in Himalayas. Beas – a 470 kms river whose basin covers almost 20303 Sq kms, lies in the northern valley of Himachal Pradesh, Kullu & Manali. After its originate from Beas Kund in Manali, the river flows down-south towards Punjab plain and at last merge in River Satluj near Kapurthala. All the Himalayan rivers are glacier fed so as Beas. And because it descends from the higher altitude glaciers, the flows of these rivers are in good pace round the year. Beas is one of the rare rivers in India which has an intense rapid force right from its originate to the down before meeting to River Satluj. High volume of intensity in rapids, sharp curve, ideal locations and scenic weather makes Beas the best river for white water rafting. We wish you to come, explore & write your own adventure story with River Beas.

White water rafting

There is widely called term "White Water Rafting", it is simply because when a river gradient increase enough which results the disturbing element of fast flowing water & the water shapes in bubble or in unstable form. In that turbulent water if go with your raft, that means you are going for white water rafting.

Best Time & place for rafting

The best time for rafting is summer because of less cold. Anytime between April to October except July, August & snow period. The best place for white water rafting is Manali because of multi rapids terrains.

Age Limit for River Rafting

There are certain grades given to rafting according to rapid, force of water & terrain. Rafting is advisable for 14 years of age till 60. If you are above 60 & still want to indulge in this sport, you may choose low grade rafting.

  • If you are ill, please do not opt this adventure sport
  • For heart patient, this sport is not advisable
  • One must be reasonably fit to opt this adventure sport

River Rafting Guide Instructions

An experienced rafting guide is not just one who is accompanying you but also a life-saver. These guides give you a short briefing session before going into the water but you have to listen him carefully because once you will go in fast flowing water the only experience you will have is whatever instructions you gathered from your guide. There are certain terms such as go down, more forward, backward, jump – and these commands has a powerful meaning. We request you to follow your instructor’s command & it is must in every adventure activity in order to perform it safely & happily. Our operator will also give you safety equipment which is necessary to wear for every participate.

There are risks in involve in every adventure sports. Some of the major risks related to rafting are : -

  • Downfall in river
  • Hypothermia due to cold water
  • Tree fallen down on our raft on the wa
  • Leakage of air from raft
  • Facing undercut rock during rafting

So, always choose River Rafting on your own risks.

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Activities Available

Styles :Tandom Paragliding

Stay Camping options available

Manali is also known for paragliding spot. you need to reach out to Dobhi , if you wish to do paragliding as well. Search our paragliding packages for paragliding in Manali

At site, transport is available from manali bus stand.

Distance : 5km | Rafting Destination : Babeli village rafting point in Manali
Price per person : INR

Challenging with high volt rapid & cold water

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Enjoy the beautiful white water rafting in Manali.Challenge yourself with high volt rapid & cold water of Beas river.Stay camping options at Beas river along with rafting are also available

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