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Kailash Manimahesh Yatra - Bharmour
India has been long known as the most treasured heritage of religious and spiritual destinations that have proliferated globally and massively influenced people from all cultures. Manimahesh Lake, which is revered next to Lake Manasarovar in Tibet, is one such holistic perennial lake of glacial origin and located in the upper reaches of the Ghoi Nala, the tributary of Budhil river (known as Manimahesh Ganga) in Himachal Pradesh. This auspicious location is explored in the Kailash Manimahesh Trek. Experience a blissful walk through the valley of flowers and witness the wild medicinal herbs that can make anyone amused with the true brilliance of this pilgrimage. The location is generally silent in off-seasons, and the entire ambience becomes agile once pilgrims join in the fleeting celebrations during the month of monsoon. At this time, the natural beauty of the Manimahesh Lake is at its peak, and one can observe the beautiful sight of Mani on Manimahesh peak when the rays of the sun or moon fall over this gigantic peak and creates a warm silhouette of pure bliss.

During the Kailash Manimahesh Trek, it takes approximately half-an-hour to reach Manimahesh Lake from Bharmour, which is located at a distance of 27 km from the lake at the foot of the Manimahesh Kailash mountain. This mountain is popularly known as one of the abodes of Lord Shiva. To celebrate His auspicious grace, the glorious Manimahesh Yatra and a colossal Manimahesh Fair are annually conducted by the lake. The occasion continues until the end of September and brings forth some promising celebrations and massive gatherings. During the interval from Janmashthami to Radhasthami, a unique Yatra is conducted to harvest prayers and good wishes for Mother Nature, and bring peace, prosperity, and tranquillity to the entire humankind. It is believed that during the Manimahesh Yatra, Lord Shiva and his wife Devi Parvati take a holy bath in the Manimahesh Lake. To commemorate this occasion, thousands of devotees and pilgrims join the revelries and take a bath in the Manimahesh Lake too.

Several sacred places cross into your path once you travel towards Manimahesh Lake. At a gap of 6 km from Hadsar, there lies a place called Dhancho which is a renowned waterfall. Soon after, you approach Gauri Kund. To briefly explain the significance behind this name- Gauri is another name of Devi Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva. This lake is named after her. People take a holy dip in this lake because it is widely believed that Devi Parvati used to take a bath in this magnificent lake. You reach the Shiva Kalotri spring after 1 km travel from Gauri Kund, which is said to have its origin in the gracious feet of Lord Shiva. Just a few steps ahead lie the fabled Manimahesh Lake which emerges as a circular water body with an enthralling appearance. There lies a roofless temple just opposite to the Manimahesh Lake which is grooved with several iron trinkets. The great tales say that it is a compulsory ritual to take a holy bath in the Brahmani’s pool which is situated just before the Manimahesh Lake. You also get a wonderful glimpse of Mani Dharshan during this blessed pilgrimage. All these locations are covered in the Kailash Manimahesh Trek.

There are two ways to do the Manimahesh Yatra- either by foot (hiking) or by helicopter ride. The significance behind this lake’s name is that Mani signifies jewel on the crown of Lord Shiva. The moon rays that reflect from this jewel can be observed from the Manimahesh Lake on a clear full-moon night, although climatic conditions make this situation rare. The likelihood is greater for reflected sunlight to be observed from the glacier that encompasses the peak, just like a serpent’s head on the powerful neck of Lord Shiva.


Early in the morning, when the heavenly light bursts from the peak of Manimahesh Kailash, you get to observe a Shivalinga which is considered as Mani Darshan. To witness this auspicious moment, numerous pilgrims stay over for the night at the Manimahesh Lake. In the early morning, the magnificent vision of golden Manimahesh Kailash is observed when the first rays of the Sun touch this colossal sacred mountain. The view truly touches the heart of all the pilgrims. Everyone conducts spiritual prayers during this breath-taking moment with their palms folded and facing the great Manimahesh Kailash.
It is not possible to halt at Manimahesh lake before 30th June because of snowy weather, chances of avalanches and harsh climatic conditions. The peak season for this Yatra starts from 2nd September on the sacred occasion of Krishna Janma Asthami and ends on 17th September on the occasion of Radha Asthami.

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